Keying Systems

Every building’s security plan should be built off of a professionally built keying system. Most, if not all, commercial buildings require a master key system to have the utmost security. These systems have to be setup with a lot of care to prevent cross keying, improper key progressions and security flaws. These systems can also be setup with a restricted or high security keyway to prevent unauthorized key duplication. If you are interested to learn more about master key systems and how they are used, you can view that here. For the highest security without the cost of rekeying, you should consider pairing a restricted keying system with an access control system. You can view our access control services here!

Pairing a properly setup keying system with a restricted keyway is the best security your building can have regarding physical keys. Restricted keyways help prevent your employee/tenant from having unauthorized key duplicates made. Most locksmiths will be a distributor of at least 1 restricted keyway. That keyway is not the same as any other locksmith in that area or state so you’re required to go to them, which in turn lets them properly manage and protect your system. The manufacturers of those keyways also go out of there way to not let any of those key blanks be sold without it being cut/properly documented. This is an excellent way to protect your property.

Our Keying Systems

GMS MX Restricted Keying System

GMS’s MX restricted keying system have proprietary keys and cylinders so only authorized distributors will be able to sell these systems. The profiles of their keyways are specifically made to make it hard for traditional lock picks to enter them. They also come standard with mushroom top pins for increased pick resistance. Another great benefit of the MX line is that the cost per cylinder is almost 40% than all other restricted key systems on the market.

ASSA MAX+ High Security Keying System

ASSA Abloy’s Maximum+ keying system is an excellent choice to have the strongest/longest lasting locks on the market, very  effective key control and have drill/pick resistant locks. The Maximum+ line of cylinders are 6 pin cylinders that also have a five pin sidebar to offer the best security. Each sidebar is specific to the dealer so another ASSA MAX+ dealer can’t accidently cut a key that could open your lock.

There are two different cylinder types available. Cylinders 1 have drill resistant pins for the plug, sidebar, pin bible and screws. These cylinders offer the highest security and will resist any vandal/burglar. These are typically used on all exterior and high security doors. Cylinders 2 don’t have as many drill resistant pins which saves on the per cylinder cost. These are typically used for all inside facility doors such as offices, storerooms, assembly halls, conference rooms, etc.

MAX+ keying system