Access Control For All Building Types

We offer all different types of access control and customize each system to match your specific building and business model. Every business is truly different and each one has different security requirements so we can it upon ourselves to solve each one of these unique requirements. We can integrate access control systems with video surveillance systems, building automation systems, occupant detection systems and intercom systems.

Access Control System Types:

  • Cloud Based
  • On Premise
  • Biometric
  • High Security 13.56 MHz/125 kHZ
  • Standalone

We service all brands and types of access control. We install only a very select few that we believe are truly secure and are easy to use.

Manufacturers We Use:

access control panel

Benefits of Access Control

There are a lot of different uses and applications for access control. Access control has a lot of benefits over traditional keys and keying systems that alleviate headaches for the building/business owner.

24 Hour Gyms/Spas

Some gyms and spas would like to offer 24 hour access but they don’t have the resources to keep someone on site to keep the door unlocked. Access control allows that business to offer their members 24 hour access. Instantly revoke their keyless access when their membership is expired and alleviate having to rekey the locks. We offer mobile phone credentials so the members also don’t have to carry around a card/fob. You can also integrate it with a video surveillance system to record when someone swipes their credential to prevent unauthorized guest entry.

Corporate Offices/Large Staffed Buildings

No one likes to distribute and keep up with key records and key replacements. If someone loses their key you have to go through and rekey all the locks that are affected, hopefully it wasn’t a master key! With access control you can instantly deactivate a credential so you no longer have that security threat. You can also have different credential levels and only allow them to open the doors they should have access to.


Anti-passback is a feature that helps prevent people from giving out their credential to outside people once they are in the building. Once a user presents their credential to enter the building their credential can’t be used to re-enter the building until their credential is presented to an exit reader. You can read more about this feature here.

Parking Garages

We integrate with parking devices to help control random parking in specified parking lots and garages. Allow only authorized employees to park in the employee parking area and allow authorized guests, with a guest credential, to park in their designated areas. This presents a safer work environment and offers control so your employees always have a spot to park.


Pair an access control system with an intercom and establish full keyless entry and control for you multifamily home. Have all tenants use their credentials to enter the building. All guests, delivery drivers, etc can use the intercom to call the tenants and allow them to enter the building. You can also restrict access to common areas such as pools, gyms, cafeterias, tennis courts, etc without a manager on site having to go unlock the doors at the designated times.

Do you have any questions or would like a free estimate to integrate access control on your property? Give us a call at 205-444-5557 and we will be glad to help you secure your property.